Video Auditions have become as common as headshots and resumes in todays increasingly tech-oriented world. Sometimes a video shot at home on your phone really will suffice, but for more significant projects you need to present a video as polished and professional as your performance.

With lupo blu, you get a pristine 1080p audition video recorded on top-of-the-line professional video and audio equipment (Rode shotgun and Audio-Technica lav), color-corrected and audio balanced to present you in your most screen-ready light.

We currently only provide video audition recording services in NYC (book online below).

Both packages include:

  • High Definiton 1080p digital copy of your audition.
  • Standard Definition 480p file (smaller size perfect for EcoCast or direct submission)
  • a professional actor as your reader
  • upload to YouTube or Vimeo as a password-protected file.
  • Audition videos will be filmed in a professional rehearsal space (in NYC, on Manhattan between 72nd Street and 23rd Street) to be arranged by lupo blu unless otherwise agreed.

25 minutes for $25

Check for an available time (NYC) and book it online

  • Sides no longer than 2 pages in length.
  • Up to 5 takes.
  • Videos up for your review within 2 hours (if needed).
  • Final video delivered by midnight the day of your session (if preference received by 6pm).
  • Please Note: There is typically no time left for in-room review.

45 min session for $45

Check for an available time (NYC) and book it online

  • Sides no longer than 5 pages in length.
  • Up to 5 takes.
  • In room review of takes (if needed).
  • Final video delivered by 8pm the day of your session.
  • Rush delivery (additional $25) guarantees your video delivered within 2 hours after your session.

Have specific needs not covered here? Get a free personalized quote now.

Please Note

  • Pages must be approved before the shoot.
  • If scheduling a time online, select your ideal time and please mention in the notes any other possible times you could shoot. If we are able to accommodate you, we will confirm with you via email ASAP and send a link to pay a deposit ($10 for 25 minutes, $15 for an hour). If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time, payment is expected in full. If you cancel within 48 hours, your deposit will not be refunded.
  • The remainder of your payment is due in full at the beginning of your session. Cash, Credit Card, or Money Order only. Checks may be accepted for frequent clients, but you must confirm with us in advance and sign our agreement for return clients paying via check.
  • Requests should be made at the latest by 4pm the day before your requested filming date. If it is past 4pm and you need to film an audition tomorrow, or if you don't receive a confirmation from us by 6pm the day before (or within 4 business hours of your request), please call us at 347-417-LUPO (5876).
  • With both packages, you agree that your video may be used in lupo blu's Video Audition Showcase on, Vimeo, and YouTube. If you would like your video to be excluded, add 10% to each.

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